The exercise program for osteoporosis and osteopenia

Personalized holistic care for bone health

Our FDA-approved, cutting edge technology and personalized exercise plans enhance bone health and overall quality of life. Get started today.
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Complete a questionnaire to allow us to recommend the right holistic solutions for your bone health.
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Receive your personalized exercise program and, if you're candidate for our Vibe Belt, meet your doctor or ours to get your prescription.
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With Wellen by your side, get ready to improve your bone health, strength, balance and overall wellbeing.
1 out of 2 women over 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis
Source: BONE HEALTH & Osteoporosis Foundation
Get stronger. Live life actively.

Get stronger.
Live life actively.

FDA-approved vibration belt

Our Vibe Belt is the only non-pharmacological treatment to demonstrate reduced loss of bone strength in postmenopausal women.

Exercise programs for all levels

Many women are new to weight-bearing and resistance exercises that increase strength. We'll help you exercise with confidence.

Bone Health
Our strength-training program and FDA-approved vibration belt improve bone health
Exercises to enhance stability and prevent falls and fractures
Form-focused to improve posture and prevent injury

See what our members are saying

Challenging in a good way, really enjoying this, never stuck with a routine this long.colby M.
Just knowing that I made the commitment to do this program takes away all the planning on what exercises I might do. It’s easy to show up for the 30 minutes, knowing that these exercises are for me at my current fitness level.shirley t.
Happy to see improvement in my balance and upper body strength (can hold the plank now ☺️).SANDRA E.


How can Wellen help me improve my bone health?

Wellen offers a holistic approach to bone health, combining personalized exercise programs with the innovative Vibe Belt, proven to reduce bone loss in postmenopausal women with osteopenia. Our platform tailors workouts specifically for individuals with osteoporosis and osteopenia, guided by your personal health profile and goals. The Vibe Belt, a cutting-edge vibrational therapy device, works alongside these exercises to stimulate bone growth and improve density.

How does the Vibe Belt work?

The Vibe Belt uses safe, gentle vibrational therapy to stimulate bone cells, encouraging growth and increased density. It’s FDA-approved and must be prescribed by a healthcare provider. This low-intensity, high-frequency vibration therapy is scientifically proven to help improve bone density when used consistently as part of your personalized Wellen program.

Can I use the exercise program without the Vibe Belt?

Yes, you can! Wellen’s personalized exercise programs are designed to improve bone health and can be used independently of the Vibe Belt. However, for optimal results, combining our customized workouts with the vibrational therapy provided by the Vibe Belt is recommended to maximize your bone health improvement.

Can I use the Vibe Belt without participating in the personalized exercise program?

Yes, the Vibe Belt can be used independently of Wellen’s personalized exercise programs. Designed with cutting-edge vibrational therapy technology, the Vibe Belt is an effective tool for stimulating bone growth and improving bone density on its own. However, for the best results in improving your bone health, we recommend combining the use of the Vibe Belt with our tailored exercise programs, which are designed to complement the benefits of vibrational therapy and provide a holistic approach to bone health.

Feel it in your bones

Our science-backed technology and exercise program developed by fitness and medical experts will build your physical strength, stamina and bone health–so you can live longer and kick osteoporosis to the curb.

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