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Good news on the osteoporosis front. My new specialist redid my recent DXA scan. There was a lot of difference in the 2 readings. He said that I have less bone loss and should continue with the exercises and supplements and medication that I have been taking.julia e.
I seriously LOVE your program. This is just what I have been looking for. I used to lift weights when I was younger but every time I have tried in the past 5 or 6 years to start up again, I get injured. Thank you. Muscle memory is coming back at just the right pace.kate r.
I have tried other exercise programs and you have gotten everything right! I enjoyed the music selections and the instructions were detailed and very clear. I am looking forward to the next session.marilyn l.
I am really enjoying the workouts and would like to express my appreciation, as someone who has mild osteoporosis and wishes to prevent it worsening/improve things if possible. They are do-able and challenging at the same time, and I really like the calm commentary, the excellent model, and the clarity of what to do safely.alexa o.
I have to say that finding out that I have osteoporosis was scary. I love to exercise and I love yoga but I was afraid to do something that would make the situation worse. So all I did for a while was walk. I felt safe doing the Wellen classes.yvonne r.
Wow! I love how you have gradually prepared and trained us through each workout to move into more weights and challenging balance exercises. You cram quite a variety in 30 minutes! It makes it so interesting and I am curious what exercises are next!rose t.
I was diagnosed over a year ago with osteoporosis and osteopenia. I kept trying to motivate myself to exercise on my own with books, videos and YouTube This is the first time I consistently did all of the exercises and felt like I would continue to do them.Patricia D.
This is the *perfect* instruction, particularly for where I'm at right now. Concise, so well described and demonstrated, no excess talking, etc. Really liking how my body responds, as well. Thank you!!polly d.
I am making noticeable progress on sit to stand. I can now do 10 on the first set and 3 on the second. Could not do 1 initially.susan p.
I’ve completed 50 Wellen workouts, and just wanted to share: I was not very steady after breaking my foot last summer. I had near crash falls more than a few times. A couple of days ago, I was walking across the room while holding my 20 lb. grandson. I tripped over a toy, but caught myself quickly and didn’t feel out-of-control. I feel like Wellen has helped me. Thanks.marian h.
Happy to see improvement in my balance and upper body strength (can hold the plank now ☺️).sandra e.
As I have gotten more familiar with the program, I like it more and more. The model is phenomenal and is in amazing shape. I’m pretty stoked about doing this 3 times weekly because it covers all the movements I need.sharon l.
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