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Warm Up

Learn more about how to do a proper warm up before an exercise routine using our expert advice. 

Before daily activities or exercising, it is a great idea to prepare your body. Warming up allows your body to get ready, and reduces stress on your muscles, joints, tendons and heart.

Warming up for a certain activity may consist of doing that activity, but at a slower rate and lower intensity. A warm up can also consist of active exercises and dynamic stretching that target the areas of the body you are going to work. For example, Cat Cow is a great active warm up for the back muscles for use during everyday activities. Marching in place can be a good warm up before a walk or hike. These exercises and stretches allow your body to prepare for certain activities, increasing blood flow and body temperature.

Warming up can increase your ability to move in the way you want, and can decrease pain and stiffness.

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