Quadruped Scapular Protraction


This exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the shoulder blade, which are important for posture, shoulder joint stability and overhead shoulder movements.

Set up

Begin on your hands and knees, with hands below your shoulders and knees below your hips. Keep your elbows and your back straight. Draw in your abdominal muscles so that your spine is in a neutral position, neither arched nor rounded.


Keeping your spine straight and neck long, push the floor away from you, driving the heel of your hands into the ground and allowing your shoulder blades to separate behind you. Hold. Then slowly relax your shoulder blades, allowing them to come together while your chest sinks towards the floor. Repeat.


  • Keep your elbows straight throughout the exercise – do not bend them.
  • Do not arch or round your spine as you push the floor away from you – your spine should stay in the same neutral position throughout the exercise.
  • Keep your neck long and eyes pointed towards the floor.
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