Tame the Tiger (Tai Chi)



Tame the Tiger is a tai chi movement from the tiger sequence and focuses on your quad strength and hip stability. It’s similar to a squat lunge but is gentler on your bones and joints.

Set up

Get into a nice wide athletic stance with your knees slightly bent. Begin by shifting your weight side to side. Your toes should be pointed forward and slightly outward at 11 and 1.  


Squat lunge to one side and as you lunge, push your hands down toward your right knee.

You can imagine that you’re taming a tiger.

Shift your weight side to side again and switch to your other side. As you lunge, push your hands down toward your other knee.


  • You’ll feel this in your quadriceps.
  • You can go as deep as your body allows but ensure that your right knee doesn’t go past your right toe. This means that if you want to go deeper with the lunge, you’ll need to have your legs wider apart.
  • Keep your back straight as you lunge. Make sure you’re not making a twisting motion as you’re lunging.
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