3-Way Toe Tap


3-way toe tap is an exercise that challenges your single leg balance.

Set up

Begin standing with plenty of space around you. You may place your hands on your hips, out to the sides or in front of you – whatever feels comfortable.


Lift one leg off the floor so that you are balancing on one foot. Then, slowly and with control, bend the standing leg slightly as you reach the front foot forward, tapping the floor in front of you with your toes. Return to the center, then tap the foot out to the side. Return to the center, then tap the foot backwards. Return to the center. Repeat this movement in all 3 directions.


  • Keep your gaze on a point ahead of you.
  • Make sure you have a slight bend in your standing leg as you tap your opposite foot in each direction.
  • If you find yourself losing your balance, stick to one direction before trying all three.
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