Farmer's Carry with Weight


This exercise is a functional exercise that challenges trunk stability while holding and carrying two heavy objects. While you’ll use weights here, you can imagine each weight being a heavy grocery bag.

Set up

Begin standing with one weight in each hand and ample space in front of you for walking. Make sure you’re standing tall, with your torso upright and your feet hip-width apart. Your arms should rest naturally by your sides.


Draw your shoulders back and down so that they are not rounded or hunched forward. Lengthen your spine and draw in your abdominal muscles. When you’re ready, walk in a straight line across the room. Keep your torso upright, and try to minimize any side-to-side swaying or tilting. Stop when you get to one end of the room, turn, and repeat the walk back to your starting position.


  • Avoid tilting your shoulders side-to-side as you walk.
  • Try to walk smoothly, like a runway model.
  • Make sure your shoulders blades are back and your neck is long – do not round or hunch your upper body forward.
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