Gastrocnemius Stretch



The gastrocnemius stretch stretches your calf muscles. Improved flexibility of your calf muscles allows you to move your feet and ankles more freely and easily, leading to less strain on the other joints of your lower body.

Set up

Get into a standing position facing a wall with both hands on the wall.


Bring one foot back so that your front knee is bent and your back knee is straight with your back heel flat on the ground. You should feel a stretch in the calf muscle of your back leg. Hold this static stretch for 30 seconds. Then relax the stretch.


  • You should feel a stretch in the calf muscle of your back leg. 
  • Make sure your back toes are pointed straight ahead and not out to the side.
  •  If you don’t feel a deep stretch, try inching your back foot a little farther away, keeping the heel down.
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