Incline Plank


Planks are an excellent full-body exercise, particularly for the core and upper body. They are weight bearing through the hands and wrists, which is good for strengthening the bones of the wrists, arms and shoulders.

Set up

Begin standing with your hands on an elevated, stable surface such as a kitchen countertop, table, or bench.


Straighten your elbows and slide your shoulder blades down as you step your feet back so that you allow your spine to lengthen and feel some weight through the hands and feet. Your torso should be straight. Draw your belly in towards your spine, gently squeeze the glutes and keep the legs straight at you lengthen your spine. Hold.


  • Think about pushing the support away from you as you engage the muscles in your arms and shoulders.
  • Don’t let your lower back arch or your head tilt downward.
  • Your eyes should be facing straight ahead, not down or up.
  • Relax the muscles in your neck.
  • If you experience pain in your wrists, try resting on your forearms or adjusting the angle of your plank to offload the wrists.
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