Paint the Floor (Tai Chi)


Paint the floor is a tai chi exercise that allows you to practice balancing while also bringing more awareness to your feet and ankles.

Set up

Shift your weight from one leg to the other being aware of the feeling in your legs and feet.


Now with your weight on your left leg, brush the floor with your right toes.

You can imagine you are painting a picture - any picture that makes you happy. Make a cloud, make a rainbow, make a tree.

The pattern will be circular with your right knee raising in front of you and your toes brushing backward.

Shift your weight back and forth again feeling your weight shift and repeat the exercise on the other side.


  • All of your weight should be in your standing leg.
  • Keep the movement fluid and don’t lock your standing leg. Rather let it naturally bend as your foot comes forward.
  • Only your toes should be brushing the ground.
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