Supine Morning Stretch


The supine morning stretch is a great stretch for improving length throughout the body. It can help reduce pressure on the spinal bones and improve postural alignment.

Set up

Begin lying on your back with legs straight and arms down by your sides.


Reach both arms up overhead. Lengthen both legs away from you, reaching with the heels while pulling your toes up towards you. Stretch as if you are trying to elongate your body, reaching your hands and feet away from each other. Hold for 5 seconds. Relax.


  • You should feel lengthening through your spine as you reach.
  • Try not to arch your back.
  • If your hands don’t touch the floor or you have pain in your shoulders with overhead reaching, try placing a pillow under your arms to support them as you reach.
  • This stretch should not be painful. If you feel pain, try focusing on just your arms or just your legs stretching rather than both at the same time.
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