Single Knee to Chest Stretch


The single knee to chest stretch provides low back pain relief by gently stretching out the back muscles and taking some pressure off of the lumbar vertebrae. It can also provide a gentle stretch for the front of the hips.

Set up

Start by laying on your back on a comfortable surface such as a yoga mat, blanket or bed. 


Bring both hands behind your left knee and gently pull it in towards your chest. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Your opposite leg can remain straight or with a bent knee. Next, relax and then bring your right leg up, grabbing behind the knee with both hands. Pull the right knee into your chest and hold for 30-60 seconds. Repeat one more time on both the left and right sides. 


  • Try to keep your head and shoulders relaxed as you hold this stretch.
  • If holding behind your knee is difficult, use a towel, belt, or strap behind the knee to assist with this exercise. 
  • Do not force this stretch, especially if you have hip or knee pain. Excessive force to these joints may exacerbate pain.
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