Supine Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise



The pelvic floor muscle exercise strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, which support your pelvis and help you maintain continence.

Set up

Begin lying on a mat with your knees bent up and your feet flat.


Breathe in first. Breathe out as you gradually squeeze and lift your pelvic floor muscles as if you are trying to stop yourself from urinating. Hold this contraction for up to 10 seconds. If you are not initially able to hold the contraction for this long, just hold as long as you can before you feel the contraction weaken. Work your way up to a 10 second hold.


  • Do not hold your breath.
  • Do not bear down.
  • Do not ever practice this exercise while you are actually urinating.
  • Saying “shhh” while performing this exercise can often help you recruit the correct muscles.
  • When this exercise becomes easy to perform correctly 10 times with 10 second holds, you can progress to the seated position.
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