What is the vestibular system and how does it affect balance?

The vestibular (also known as "inner ear") system is a sensory system in your body that is responsible for maintaining your sense of balance, spatial orientation, and coordination. It is located within the inner ear and consists of fluid-filled canals and sacs, as well as sensory receptors called hair cells.

When you move, the fluid in these canals and sacs also move, and this motion is detected by the hair cells. The information from the vestibular system is then sent to the brain, which processes it to help you understand your body's position in space, which helps you maintain your balance, adjust your posture, and coordinate your movements.

In addition to its role in balance and coordination, the vestibular system also works in conjunction with your visual and proprioceptive systems to provide a comprehensive sense of your position and movement in space. This coordination of information helps you navigate the world smoothly and without dizziness or disorientation.

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