Cow Stretch (Modified Cat-Cow)


Cow stretch is a weight-bearing exercise that promotes spinal mobility, shoulder and wrist strength, and good posture. It is a safe modification of the cat-cow exercise for people with osteoporosis.

Set up

Begin on hands and knees with a neutral spine, meaning your spine is parallel to the floor.


Inhale as you extend your spine, lifting your head and sit bones towards the ceiling as you allow your belly to sink towards the floor. Hold for a couple seconds. Then exhale as you gently return to neutral spine position.

Continue to flow between the cow and the neutral position slowly, allowing your breath to guide the movement.

Be aware that excessive extension is not good for anyone with osteoporosis, so avoid extreme extension or arching and move in a smaller range of motion.


  • Do not arch your spine excessively.
  • Do not bend your elbows or shift your weight forwards or backwards.
  • The movement should be gentle and subtle, not extreme at either end.
  • Stay in a pain-free range of movement.
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