Double Leg Heel Raise



Heel raises are an easy, low-impact way to strengthen your calf muscles. Strong calf muscles will improve your stability and balance and decrease the risk of ankle and knee injuries. While we’ve included these in our workouts, you can also easily add these in during everyday activities such as brushing your teeth.

Set up

Stand with an athletic stance, arm length distance from a chair or countertop. 

Make sure your feet are hip width apart and your toes are pointed forward, not turned outward or inward.

Touch the chair lightly with your fingertips to balance yourself. You’re not putting weight on it - just a little touch for balance.


Slowly rise up on your toes as high as possible for you.

Slowly lower down, keeping your body tall.

Keep your back straight, chest high and eyes looking forward as you rise up and descend down.


  • Your weight should be even throughout all of your toes as you rise.
  • Try not to let your hips move forward or backward.
  • Imagine that there’s a string connected to the top of your head pulling you straight up.
  • If you have any joint pain in your lower body or have a previous compression fracture, be sure to lower gently on your heels.
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