Squat Pulses


Squat pulses strengthen the muscles of the hips and legs and help build endurance in these muscles.

Set up

Begin standing with your feet hip width apart. Draw your abdominals in as you lower your hips down and back, like you’re doing a squat. Your weight should be in your heels.


Begin to make small pulses at the bottom of the squat, lifting and lowering out of the squat position just an inch or two. Do not come to a full standing position until you’ve completed all your reps.


  • Your hands can be wherever is most comfortable for you. Some options include: with your hands together in front of you, your arms straight out in front of you or your hands on your hips.
  • Your pulses should occur about 1 per second.
  • Lower as far as you feel comfortable – the lower you go, the more challenging, but do not lower your butt below your knees.
  • If your legs start shaking, take a break or try just holding the squat without the pulses.
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