Lateral Squat Walks

Loop Resistance Band


The lateral squat walk exercise is a great way to strengthen your hip abductor muscles in a functional position, providing increased strength and stability of your pelvis during walking and other everyday activities. Your hip abductor muscles are also important for maintaining balance.

Set up

Stand with a loop resistance band around both ankles. Assume an athletic stance with your feet hip width apart and a slight bend in both knees.


Keeping your knees bent in a mini squat position and your pelvis level, reach your leading leg out to the side. Control your trailing leg and bring it to a hip width position. Repeat to the same side so that you are essentially walking sideways for 5 repetitions as space allows. Then reverse direction.


  • Make sure you keep your pelvis level. Do not allow your leading leg hip to hike as you reach your leg out to the side.
  • Do not rotate your pelvis. Your hip bones should be facing forward throughout the exercise.
  • Make sure you do not allow your knees to fall inward of your toes. Your knees should stay over your toes throughout the exercise.
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