Modified Side Plank with Clam with Band


This exercise is a total body workout, targeting the muscles of the shoulders, hip and core. It combines the side plank with a clam for a double challenge that can benefit your body in many ways. Resistance further increases the challenge for the hips.

Set up

Place a loop resistance band just above both knees. Then lie on your side propped up on one forearm with your knees bent and your feet in line with your tailbone. Your hips should be resting on the floor. Make sure that your shoulders, ribs, hips, knees and feet are stacked.

Draw your abdominal muscles in as you lift the hips up into a side plank. Maintain that stacked position, as if your torso is sandwiched between two panes of glass and cannot tilt forward or back.


Keep your abdominal muscles drawn in and your neck and spine long as you lift the top knee, opening your legs like a clam, then closing them. Complete all your clam repetitions. Then slowly lower back down to the floor.


  • Maintain a nice, long spine – do not let your torso slouch.
  • Do not hunch your shoulders or turn your head towards the ground – keep your shoulder blades down and back and your neck straight.
  • Your gaze should be directly in front of you, not down or up.
  • Make sure you keep your hips and shoulders stacked one directly over the other. Do not allow the hips to rotate up towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your chest and shoulders square with the wall in front of you.
  • This exercise should not be painful. If you feel pain in your shoulder, hip or spine, discontinue the exercise.
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