The Plank is an excellent full-body exercise, particularly for the core and upper body. It is weight bearing through the hands and wrists (or, if modified, through the forearms), which is good for strengthening the bones of the wrists, arms and shoulders.

Set up

Begin on your hands and knees, with your elbows straight and hands on the floor shoulder-width apart.


Slowly reach your feet back one at a time, lifting off of your knees, and pushing up onto your hands in the process. Your entire body should be supported by your hands and toes. Make sure your spine is long, your belly is drawn in, and your elbows are straight as you push the floor away from you with your hands and hold this static position.


  • Do not stick your butt out.
  • Do not let shoulder blades come together -- try to push them away from each other by imagining you are pushing the floor away from you.
  • Do not arch your lower back.
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