Seated Cross-Band Biceps Curl with Band

Resistance Bands


Bicep curls strengthen your biceps, making it easier to lift things during your everyday activities.

Set up

Begin seated in a chair with a light or moderate resistance band. You’ll want to be seated towards the front of your chair so you are not leaning against the back. Your feet should be shoulder width apart with the band placed under your feet. Make sure the band is secure. Cross the ends of the band in front of you and hold the ends of the bands in your hands so that your palms face forward. Sit tall with your back straight and your abdominals tight and look forward. 


Begin with your forearms above your thighs. Bend your elbows and slowly raise your hands to your shoulders. Lower your arms down at the same speed, staying slow and controlled the entire time.


  • Remember to keep your elbows in and fixed by your sides.
  • Don’t let your arms move out or flare forward.
  • Your shoulders should also be fixed and shouldn’t be moving up or down.
  • To make this exercise harder you can hold the band tighter or use a band with more resistance.
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