Supine Shoulder External Rotation with Band

Mat,Resistance Bands


This exercise strengthens the muscles of the rotator cuff, which are important for good shoulder mechanics and posture.

Set up

Begin lying on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the mat, and a resistance band in both hands. With your arms by your sides, bend your elbows to 90-degrees and hold the band in each hand with your palms facing up. There should be slight tension in the band to start.


Slowly move your hands away from each other, keeping your elbows bent at 90-degrees until your hands touch the floor. Hold, then slowly return to the starting position.


  • It is ok if you can’t get all the way to that point – just go as far as your body allows you to, or as far as you can without pain.
  • If this feels too easy with the band you have, try starting with more tension in the band before you pull your hands away. If this feels too challenging, try starting with more slack in the band. Or, try using a different color band.
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