Deep Neck Flexor Eccentrics

Towel Roll


Deep neck flexor eccentrics strengthen the muscles in front of your neck and stretch the muscles at the base of your skull to improve the common forward head posture.

Set up

Begin by lying down with your knees bent up and your feet flat, with the top of your head resting on a small folded towel. Place your hands underneath the base of your skull.


Breathe in first. Keeping your head on the towel, breathe out as you gently nod your chin towards your Adam’s apple. Your head should not come up off the towel. You should feel the small muscles in front of your neck working and the muscles at the base of your skull stretching. Use your hands to help you maintain this position, and gently lift your head from the towel, keeping your chin tucked. Then use your neck muscles to slowly lower your head back down.


  • Perform a gentle contraction. Make sure that the tiny muscles right in front of your neck are working. You should not feel a muscle bulging near your collar bone when performing this exercise.
  • Do not let your chin jut forward as you lift your head. Your chin should stay tucked toward your Adam’s apple.
  • Do not hold your breath.
  • You do not need to lift your head high, just slightly off your support surface.
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