Hamstring Stretch with Strap



The hamstring stretch with strap stretches your hamstring muscles in the back of your thigh and knee. These muscles often get stiff and short when you routinely sit for long periods of time during the day. Improving the flexibility of your hamstring muscles helps to improve mobility in your hips, leading to decreased strain on your lower back.

Set up

Get into a comfortable position lying flat on your back. You will need some kind of strap for this exercise. You can use a rolled up sheet, rolled up beach towel, or an exercise strap like the Stretch Out Strap. Loop your strap underneath the arch of one foot, and hold the ends of the strap in both of your hands.


Slowly and gently lift your straight leg up toward the ceiling, using your arms to help you. Bring your leg up as far as you can keeping your knee straight. This should feel like a "gentle discomfort." It should not be painful. The exercise will be more comfortable if you hold your hands in at your chest. Hold the static stretch for 30 seconds. Then lower your leg back down to the starting position.


  • Hold your hands in at your chest so your arms don't get too tired.
  • You should not experience any pain with this exercise. If you do, lower the height of your leg to the point where you feel stretch but not pain.
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