Tai Chi Spine Stretch


This movement warms up the muscles of your shoulders, arms, and mid back. It enhances your posture by promoting a tall, elongated spinal position.

Set up

Stand with your feet hip width apart and your knees slightly bent.


Pretend you are holding a large beach ball in front of you, with one hand on top of the beach ball and the other hand on the bottom of the beach ball. Now, slowly switch your hands by bringing your top hand to the bottom of the ball and your bottom hand to the top of the ball. Keep moving your arms in the same direction as you extend one arm up toward the ceiling as if you are pressing the ceiling up, and the other arm down toward the floor as if you are pressing the floor down. Reverse directions.

To get a total body warm-up, shift from side to side as you perform this exercise.


  • You should not experience any pain in your shoulders during this exercise. If you do, decrease your range-of-motion to the point where you are no longer experiencing any discomfort.
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